Finance a Social Enterprise

If you need to raise finance for your social enterprise then you are almost certainly going to need a robust and realistic business plan and ideally a 3 year cash flow forecast.

Your Business Plan will provide 90% of the information that you’ll need for any funding applications. You’ll then have sufficient information to call upon when needed if you’ve got s tight funding deadline to meet.

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What you need to think about…

Applying for finance

Research suggests that a large number of social enterprises still report a lack of access to funding and that finance is often a barrier to sustainability.

It’s therefore vital to know where to find investment opportunities and how to fill in what can be complex and time-consuming paperwork.

It’s likely that any grant funders will insist that you report and account for every penny you spend.

At Inspire2Enterprise, we can advise you where to find the most appropriate source of funding.

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Becoming sustainable

The ultimate goal of any business, be it a social enterprise or other, is to become sustainable.

The key to achieving this is in the research and planning of your business – just a few tweaks to your plan can result in huge changes that can mean the difference between a sustainable business and one that struggles to stay afloat.

We can review your business plan with the aim of helping you to secure funding, and help you to tweak your operations to ensure that you become a sustainable business as soon as possible.

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