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Are you thinking of starting a social enterprise?

To start a business where society profits, you’ll need to consider:

  • the social issue you’ll be solving, or positive benefit that you’ll be contributing to the community;
  • your potential customer base;
  • the current market place and how you’ll reach customers;
  • operations, costs and financing; and
  • the ideal legal structure for the company.

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What you need to think about…

Business Planning

If you’re thinking of starting a social enterprise, you’ll need a business plan that becomes the embodiment of your idea. The plan will also need regular revision and further input as your enterprise grows.

At Inspire2Enterprise, our team of experts will advise you about the best way to prepare and structure your social enterprise business plan and and how to select the most appropriate legal status is set for your organisation.

Company Legal Structure

Choosing the right structure can be confusing, as it depends on your strategic aims.

We can talk you through how to select the most appropriate structure, from CIC to charitable incorporation

Measuring Social Impact

A social enterprise is a business where society profits, and you’ll need to demonstrate the social value of your business, especially if you’re applying for grant funding. Showing how you’re benefiting society is also a great way to attract customers.

We can explain the different tools available for measuring your impact – and if you need something more in-depth we can link you with the University’s Institute for Social Innovation and Impact team for a bespoke quotation.

Year One Operations

Once your business plan is written, you’ll need to think about the social enterprise’s operating model.

This is the exciting bit – the bit where it starts to feel real! Our team of advisers will help you ensure that you have the critical pillars in place before beginning your year one journey.

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