It’s hard to believe we’re already into 2019, but now that the party poppers have been cleared and the leftover bottles of champagne (there was at least one, right?!) have been stored away for next year, it’s time to think about the next twelve months.

If you’re a social entrepreneur, now is the perfect time for reflecting on what happened in 2018 and planning what you’ll do differently in 2019.

Need some inspiration? Here’s five brilliant New Year’s resolutions for social entrepreneurs!

1. Review your website

Unless you’ve had your website designed within the last six months or so, the new year is a great time to take a look at how it stacks up against the competition.

Twelve months is a long time in web design, therefore if your website hasn’t been touched for longer than that, it might be time to invest some time and money in it. Pay attention to:

  • Mobile-readiness: does it operate perfectly on your smartphone?
  • Speed: Google rewards fast websites with higher listings – does yours chug along or timeout whenever you click a link?
  • Flat design: gone are the days of embossed buttons and fonts with drop-shadows; modern web design is all about white space, bright, contrasting colours and simple user interface elements.

2. Have another read of your business plan

We’re big advocates of business plans at Inspire2Enterprise, but we firmly believe they’re not fire-and-forget documents; they should live and breathe as your enterprise develops.

Go back to your original business plan this month and have a good read. How many of your goals have you met? More importantly, how relevant are those goals now? Rewrite any sections that simply don’t ring true any more and set yourself a new range of goals (both short and long-term).

3. Speak to staff about internal communication

Social enterprises can only thrive if the team communicates effectively, and your people might be struggling with internal red tape without you even knowing it.

Speak to everyone and ask what they’d like to see improved when it comes to internal communication. Consider allowing platforms like WhatsApp for staff chats and make sure email hasn’t become a digital crutch for the team (face-to-face nearly always trumps that form of communication).

4. Go paperless and make sure you’re ready for MTD

The idea of a fully paperless office might be pie-in-the-sky for many businesses, but there are always legacy procedures and policies that continue to rely on paper when they should be digitised.

This year, sniff out the remaining elements of your social enterprise that still rely on paper and find digital solutions for them. You’ll help the environment and – although there may be some growing pains initially – create a much more efficient way of working for everyone.

Lastly, make sure you’re ready for Making Tax Digital (MTD), because it’ll be here before you know it!

5. Give something away

You may of course do this already, but if your social enterprise focuses solely on sold goods or services, why not make 2019 the year when you give something away?

Give something to the community, a lucky prize winner or a random previous customer you pick out of a hat. Philanthropy is a hallmark of social enterprise success, and if you combine that with your normal endeavours to run a business where society profits, you’ll start to make a name for yourself on a much wider scale.

Wrapping up

Are you excited about 2019? We hope our New Year’s resolutions above will inspire you to take your social enterprise onto even greater things this year.