On 22nd November 2018, The Big Issue worked alongside the University of Northampton, Northampton Hope Centre and the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce to stage the UK’s very first social trading conference.

Held at Northampton’s historic Guidlhall, the event was dubbed How to Create a Social Echo, and aimed to demonstrate how local businesses and organisations in Northampton can work more closely together to raise the value of the ‘social pound’ and make better choices about the goods and services they purchase.

This chimes perfectly with the proposal for Northamptonshire to become a Social Enterprise Place – a prospect which excites the team at Inspire2Enterprise and the many social entrepreneurs they support greatly.

Inspire2Enterprise Adviser, Andrew Cook, and The Institute for Social Innovation and Impact’s Professor Richard Hazenberg attended the event along with hundreds of business leaders from Northampton. In an exclusive video below shot on the day, Richard and Andrew reveal the opportunities we’re likely to see as the result of a social echo developing in Northamptonshire: