We were delighted to hear about the UK Social Entrepreneur Index, which is a celebration of entrepreneurs who run businesses with a social purpose and where society profits.

The index is designed to provide much-deserved recognition for such people, but will also act as a benchmark for good practice to inspire the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

With inspiring content delivered via digital marketing campaigns and a series of fantastic debates and events across the UK, the UK Social Entrepreneur Index will shine a spotlight on the people who are making a significant difference in their communities and the wider society.

If you know someone who deserves recognition for their positive impact on society as a social entrepreneur, you can submit your nomination to the UK Social Entrepreneur Index today. They can work in any field, and it doesn’t matter which social or environmental issue they’re tackling; if they have inspired you and others through their social impact, it’s time to celebrate their efforts!

To submit your nomination, click here!