If you ever find yourself in Stoke Newington, Hackney, why not pop into Luminary Bakery. This incredible social enterprise is dedicated to providing training, employment and a healthy community to most disadvantaged women in London. The women they help experience ‘Gender Based Violence’ such as domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking and ‘honour’ based violence.

1 in 3 women globally experience gender biased violence. Shockingly, over 1 million women are unemployed within the UK with 180,000 in London alone. Homeless women are at serious risk of sexual exploitation or getting caught up in crime. On the flip side, domestic violence is the single largest driver of homelessness for women. Professionals describe this web of interconnected issues including homelessness, substance misuse, mental health issues and offending as ‘multiple disadvantage’.

Luminary offers women the opportunity to build a future for themselves, providing a safe and professional environment where they can grow holistically; encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances. Luminary uses the age old tradition and skills of baking as a tool to take women on a journey to employability and entrepreneurship. They offer a range of courses, work experience and paid employment within the bakery, empowering women to build themselves a career as well as helping overcome person barriers. Through training, employment and a positive community, they aim to break cycles of poverty, violence and disadvantage one and for all.

Since the company’s inception in 2014, Luminary has fully supported 66 women, provided 233 days of training, awarded 85 certificate awards, had 52 Luminary programme graduates, helped 25 get back into work and have supported 10 women who have started their own business. Looking ahead into 2020, Luminary plans on expanding throughout London, followed by expanding into other areas of the country by 2025.

Want to find out more or support this social enterprise? Check out their website here!