Black Friday 2018 takes place on 23rd November, and if your social enterprise runs an online store, you might be tempted to get involved.

There’s just one problem; Black Friday has become so popular that it’s difficult for smaller businesses to make themselves heard above the colossal noise created by giants such as Amazon, Argos and the countless supermarket chains that spend a fortune on advertising during the year’s most prolific sale period.

This doesn’t mean you should give up. Far from it, actually, because the following tips will help you ready your social enterprise’s online store for Black Friday.

Start preparing and advertising now

Sure, November has only just begun, but it’s important to get a head start on Black Friday preparations for one very simple reason: customers will be doing exactly the same.

One of the main draws for Black Friday is the anticipation and sense of urgency it creates. In the eyes of the consumer, it lasts a mere heartbeat, and they know there’ll be loads of other people waiting to pounce on the sales items.

That means you have an audience that is ready and waiting to earmark their Black Friday purchases, so start advertising your forthcoming sale items now to build a sense of anticipation.

Make sure your website hosting is ready for it

If you get your marketing right leading up to Black Friday, your website is probably going to get a bit of a pounding.

You obviously don’t have hosting pockets as deep as Amazon, but it might be sensible to speak to your hosting provider and find out how much headroom your website has in terms of bandwidth. Chances are, you’ll be ok, but if it turns out you’re on a low-cost tariff that will only let a few people through your digital doors at any one time, Black Friday might be the perfect excuse to pay for an upgrade.

Don’t skimp on your offers

Consumers can’t be easily fooled on Black Friday (not that you’d ever have that intention, of course!). They can spot a bad deal a mile off, and this has thankfully prevented a lot of retailers from simply throwing old or discontinued stock into their Black Friday sales.

The key to winning at Black Friday as a social enterprise is picking great sales ideas. Think about the items or services you sell which are particularly popular and that can be marked down a little without harming your bottom line.

Use email marketing

We mention email marketing a fair bit on this blog because it remains one of the most effective and direct routes to your audience.

Black Friday suits email marketing perfectly, but that does mean inboxes are bulging come the big day (and leading up to it – see our first tip). To make yourself heard, you therefore need to ensure your subject line, body copy and any imagery used is at the top of its game.

Thankfully, you’re running a social enterprise which means you probably already have a captive audience which cares deeply about the work you do. Put every ounce of the passion you have for your enterprise into your Black Friday email marketing and the sales should follow.

Wrapping up

Enjoy preparing for Black Friday – it’s a brilliant opportunity not only to shift plenty of stock, but to also spread the word about your social enterprise even further.