‘Digital transformation’ is a phrase that is arguably overused in business circles, but it isn’t something that can be ignored.

In order for your social enterprise to be successful in the digital age, it needs to be competitive, keep customers engaged and drive high levels of efficiency and productivity.

But how do you do that against a tech landscape that is evolving, day-by-day?

The answer is to embrace the following five aspects of digital transformation:

1. Remain connected

Being accessible 24/7 might not be palatable, but in order for your social enterprise to remain relevant in the digital age, it needs to be constantly accessible.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean skipping sleep or answering emails into the dead of night. Instead, you can use the power of the internet to remain connected and offer customers ultimate flexibility.

Bolster your website with content that can be accessed at any time and which genuinely benefits visitors. Do the same with social media by regularly scheduling posts that continue to speak the language of your social enterprise long after you’ve switched off the lights and locked the doors.

2. Get efficient

By investing in the right technology – from super fast broadband to tablets and business software – you can really boost efficiency within your social enterprise.

This requires capital, of course, but these investments pay themselves back tenfold as staff become accustomed to faster ways of working.

Focus your efforts on that fast broadband connection, but also speak to similar businesses regarding apps. What software do they use which has driven efficiency in their operation?

3. Don’t be scared of emerging technology

People will often say that jumping on new technology bandwagons or purchasing the latest update to an existing product are bad ideas, but the opposite is often true.

New technology generally (although you certainly shouldn’t bank on the fact) comes with greater and more up-to-date security, too, so switching to the new stuff is generally a smart move.

4. Stop viewing IT as a cost

There’s no getting away from the fact that you need to spend to acquire new technology, but digital transformation shouldn’t be viewed solely as a cost.

If it is, you’re either looking at it wrong, or investing in the wrong stuff. To avoid both of these things, spend time brainstorming the capabilities you need from technology in order to streamline processes or raise productivity.

Only spend money on a piece of technology if it will genuinely benefit your business. Make this a mantra and IT will change from being a cost to something that is a driver of growth and capable of giving you a competitive edge.

5. Put digital at the heart of your customer experience

Chances are, most prospective and existing customers will want to engage with your social enterprise initially via digital means.

This could be via social media, your website or email, but however they choose to contact you, the digital experience needs to be rich, engaging and capable of drawing them back for more.

Modern customers tread a very different path. This means you need to interact with them at different touch points, from when they initially enquire to during the journey they take through your website.

Customer interaction tools such as CRM and social listening apps will enable you to develop strong bonds with customers you’re yet to convert.

Wrapping up

Is your social enterprise ready for digital transformation? Need further advice? Contact our friendly team!