A survey by the charity Plan International UK has shown that 1 in 10 young women (between the ages 14 to 21) in Britain cannot afford sanitary towels or tampons. It’s a shocking statistic but to some the monthly cost of £5 to £10 is an expense they cannot budget for. Unfortunately, the reality is that a growing number of people are struggling to afford the basics. Young women across the UK are missing school because they can’t afford sanitary  products – Hey Girls is a social enterprise dedicated to tackling period poverty by giving those who are struggling a pack of products for every pack.

Hey Girls is devoted to the health of girls and young women as well asthe environment and they want to make a difference. The products which they have developed are no leak, comfortable, chlorine and bleach free, plastic free and environmentally friendly – even the packaging is biodegradable! All the profits generated from their ‘Buy One Give One” products go directly towards helping those in need

The organisation was set up in 2018 by Celia Hodson and her daughters Becky and Kate. Their philosophy is that girls and young women shouldn’t have to compromise their wellbeing and health because they or their families are under financial strain. Their goal is to enrich the lives of girls and young women in the UK by exercising social and ethical reasonability. Despite being a relatively new social enterprise and new to the feminine care market, they have already made an incredible impact. They have donated over 2.3 million menstrual products, provided education resources to over 3000 schoolchildren,, supported over 200 donation partners in communities across the UK, supplied menstrual products to over 1400 schools in 12 local authorities across Scotland and also supplied products to 9 universities across the UK.

Switching from the typical highstreet feminine care brands to the Hey Girl products not only supports those in need but also benefits the environment. Find out more about  this incredible enterprise here!