Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, which means businesses and charitable organisations across the world will be on the verge of launching their own #BalanceforBetter campaigns.

But what about next week? Tuesday is National Plant a Flower Day… and it’d be daft to miss out on Thursday’s National Learn About Butterflies Day.

There’s a serious point to be made here, however, because the rise of national days and their significant coverage on social media makes them brilliant marketing tools for businesses of all sizes.

Here’s how your business can benefit from national days.

Always plan ahead

There are, literally, hundreds of national days every year, therefore it’s not particularly sensible to try and latch onto every single one.

Equally, not every national day will be suitable as a marketing vehicle for your business. For instance, there’s probably no point in shoehorning a reference to National Caesar Salad Day in July if you’re a ballbearing manufacturer.

Research upcoming national days and suss out which suit your business the most and pay particular attention to those that fall in-line with your other marketing activities.

Lean on social media – particularly Twitter

National Days were made for social media. Twitter, in particular, is a brilliant source of inspiration for last-minute national day promotions or content ideas.

Start each day with a browse of the trending topics on Twitter. National days will stick out pretty readily, and if you spot one onto which you can latch and provide some input of your own, you’ll have that day’s social media content covered.

If you’ve planned ahead a little, there’s no harm in leaning on social media pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, either, because it will provide a great way to further the reach of your national day coverage and hit a tightly defined, engaged audience.

Turn on Google Ads

Google’s PPC tool is undoubtedly one of the best out there and remains a key focus for most marketing campaigns that have budgets for paid digital advertising.

When a national day arrives, it’s a great idea to tap into some of the search volume by tuning a Google Ad to use keywords related to that day.

The great thing about this is that you can momentarily boost your PPC rankings based on something that is firmly within the national conscience. Get the ad and landing page right, and you could have a sudden boost of sales or enquiries.

Just remember to turn it off once the day is over!

Be careful

National days aren’t always particularly well timed – and not through anyone’s fault.

For instance, if National Party Popper Day inadvertently fell on the same day as a national tragedy, you probably want to steer clear of that particular marketing avenue.

This is why it’s sensible to review your national day coverage – even if it means pulling a campaign at the last minute. The more aware you are of potential clashes with high profile news items or national holidays, the more you can avoid inadvertently causing offence.

How to find national days

There’s a brilliant website you can use to find upcoming national days by month.

Take a look ahead and sniff out the national days that could be most beneficial for your marketing plan – and start planning the content now!

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