It might seem odd to think of your social enterprise’s telephone number as a marketing tool in the digital age – but it really is.

Customers can of course contact you via email, social media and even live online chat, but the humble telephone number remains one of the most important and satisfyingly traditional ways by which to grow a brand.

In today’s blog, we’re going to explore six reasons you should do far more with your telephone number than simply add it to the footer of your website.

1. It’s a proven lead generator

According to research, 41% of businesses believe their phone is still the most effective sales tool they have in their arsenal.

For decades, the phone has been used to convert enquiries into sales, and it’s just as effective now. Human contact still beats digital exchanges hands-down when it comes to building a rapport that is likely to result in a product being sold – particularly in the social enterprise sector.

2. It’ll work across lots of platforms

Thanks to the ways in which telephone systems have developed in recent years, phone lines have become far more powerful.

By using the latest switchboard systems and Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, telephone numbers can be integrated into all manner of systems that enable businesses to track calls and transition customers seamlessly from digital communication into telephone calls.

3. It’s a great referral tool

People are still inclined to pass on the numbers of businesses whose services they’ve been impressed by.

Do you really want to miss out on the referrals that don’t start with “oh, you’ll find them on Google”? Passing a phone number on isn’t something that’s likely to go out of fashion any time soon.

4. You don’t have to be at the other end of the line

Depending on the type of social enterprise you run and the number of people working for it (for instance, it might just be yourself), there’s a chance you legitimately don’t have time to deal with incoming telephone calls.

That’s fine, and there’s a solution! There’s a wealth of virtual assistant services available that hand over the reception reigns to a third party. They’ll deal with all incoming calls and route them to you if necessary – all under the banner of your brand.

5. You’ll satisfy far more customers

If you’ve been in a position where you need to contact a business as a matter of urgency but can’t find a telephone number to do so, you’ll know how frustrating it is.

Clearly, you don’t want your social enterprise to provide such a poor customer experience, which is why the presence of a phone number on all of your marketing material is so important.

Don’t hide it, either – it should stand tall and proud and be made clear that it’s to be used rather than avoided.

In the digital economy, a telephone number really is a differentiator!

6. It’s timeless

Telephone numbers don’t go out of date. Unlike websites, they won’t need refreshing every couple of years or weekly maintenance.

Your telephone number is the most consistent piece of marketing material you have, and that makes it timeless. How many other elements of your marketing strategy are unlikely to go out of style?

Wrapping up

Don’t think telephone numbers are a thing of the past. If this blog has prompted you to raise its profile on your website, or ensure that it’s given out readily to customers, our work here is done!