The University of Northampton (UoN) recently published it’s latest Social Impact Report, and it makes fascinating reading.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Nick Petford, starts proceedings by confirming the commitment made by the university to delivering social impact and social innovation across the county.

Through its many activities and initiatives, UoN became the first University in the UK in 2013 to be awarded with a ‘Changemaker Campus’ designation by Ashoka U for its expertise in social innovation and social impact.

Professor Petford notes several other achievements during his opening remarks. “To further add to our socially innovative and impactful work, the University was awarded with a ‘Social Enterprise Gold Mark’ this year in recognition of our excellence in a number of areas, including governance; business ethics and good business practice; and social impact and financial transparency.

“The University of Northampton was also given the Gold Award in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) – the highest rating possible which places us among the elite of the UK’s higher education institutions.”

The report focuses on a number of key areas, including:

  • Community engagement: how the UoN provides a first class environment for students to develop knowledge and skills that prepare them to be productive citizens in the community.
  • Knowledge and skill development: case studies of how staff, students and graduates have got involved in socially innovative initiatives and activities.
  • Sustainability: how the UoN is managing its resources effectively to improve its environmental performance.
  • Global innovation: an insight into how the UoN works with partners and organisations across the world to deliver social impact.

The university’s procurement strategies, partnerships and commercial activities are also covered in the report, concluding how it works with organisations like Inspire2Enterprise to implement schemes and initiatives to help people become socially innovative and entrepreneurial.

Download the University of Northampton Social Impact Report 2016-2017