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Latest News

Grant Thornton R&D Awareness 

Grant Thornton are raising awareness for R&D funding – and not just for scientists! This common misconception stems from use of the term ‘Research & Development’, which is typically associated with the sciences, but extends to many other types of work, such as creating new products, improving existing products and developing processes to become more efficient.

CIPD Evaluation Report 

A recent report supported by JP Morgan and carried out by the CIPD has demonstrated a demand for HR support among SMEs and suggests that the model of bespoke, face-to-face provision by independent consultants is one of the best ways for it to be delivered. The full article is worth reading and includes a vast amount of useful information and potential solutions that may benefit you. You can also read some fascinating case studies.

Latest Funding News

Match Funding – School for Social Entrepreneurs

A new grant-funding initiative has been launched by the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), which will match the trading income of social ventures pound-for-pound.

Match trading aims to reward sales growth of social ventures operating in challenging markets so that they develop a sustainable trading base.

Useful Links

Know How Non-Profit Impact Reporting

A useful guide for measuring and reporting impact bas been released by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. It’s a timely report which reiterates the value that impact reporting can offer social enterprises. This includes benefits such as making teams work more effectively, reporting accurately to funders and attracting further funding.

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