Lads Need Dads is a social enterprise that seeks to empower and enable boys aged between 11 and 15 with absent fathers or limited access to a male role model. It provides an invaluable support service that encourages the lads to be motivated, responsible, capable, resilient and emotionally competent, while preventing them from becoming at-risk of underachieving, offending, exclusion or dropping out of school.

Inspire2Enterprise was called in to assist with the early formation of the organisation, and has provided support for the founders ever since.

“I have to say it is your support and input that provided me with the guidance I needed to get everything started and you have been a constant since day one, so thank you,” said Sonia Shaljean, founder of Lads Need Dads. “We’ve a long way to go but are chuffed that all our hard work has paid off and been recognised so early into the life of Lads Need Dads after only our first year of delivery. It was all the prep before delivery that assisted in making it a success, I believe, from helping with the business plan onwards.”

Lads Need Dads is a new Community Interest Company currently piloting in Tendring, Essex. For further details, click here.