If you’re a Northants-based environmental social enterprise, Dr Chijioke Uba would love to talk to you.

As Lecturer in International Business at the University of Northampton, Chijioke is currently conducting research into resource acquisition from the perspectives of environmental-oriented sustainable entrepreneurs and intermediaries in the Midlands, and is now turning his attention to social enterprises in Northants.

“The idea of the project is to understand how environmentally-oriented sustainable entrepreneurs in Midlands acquire resources,” explains Chijioke. “Specifically, we are interested in understanding the challenges they face when acquiring resources and strategies they use to overcome such challenges. Also, we are interested in understanding the role of intermediaries like Innovate UK and Climate Kic in supporting the establishment and development of such enterprises.

“To achieve the objective of the project we need to have access to three groups of entrepreneurs: nascent (about to start in the next 6 months), start-ups (having started in the last 18 months) and experienced firms (beyond 18 months). Moreover, we would like to interview individuals that have involvement in resource offering: investors, supply networks, incubators and other experts.”

If your social enterprise fits into one of the above brackets, you have the opportunity to contribute to this fascinating research project by participating in an interview with Chijioke.

“The interviews will not take more than sixty minutes,” confirms Chikoke. “One important criteria to note is that the sustainable entrepreneurs and resource providers must be linked. Practically, this research may help sustainable entrepreneurs to refine their resource acquisition strategies and may help resource providers to understand the challenges sustainable entrepreneurs face during resource acquisition.”

If you’d like to get involved, you can contact Dr Chijioke Uba at the University of Northampton by calling 01604 893688 or email: chijioke.uba@northampton.ac.uk.