The Common Good Fund

An opportunity to get your project off to a good start

The Common Good Fund is a new Church Urban Fund (CUF) grant initiative that is available in the areas that have not benefitted from the Near Neighbours programme, and offers grants between £250 and £5,000 as seed funding for projects run by local groups. The purpose of these grants is to address tensions (recent or long entrenched) between different faith and ethnic communities, in particular where there are reported incidents of intolerance, to help build connections at local level, increase trust and support, and encourage practical activities to bring about change.

The Fund has four key objectives:

  1. Create a common agenda so that local people can reach a shared vision and plan to improve their areas.
  2. Promote personal responsibility so that everyone can contribute to and own local initiatives.
  3. Increase participation and social cohesion by involving the local community to strengthen social action.
  4. Promote an alternative to hate, tolerance, and prejudice through meaningful relationships based on understanding, trust and respect.

Projects it funds must meet all these criteria:

  • Bring together peoples of two or more different faiths and/or ethnicities, to build friendships and develop relationships of trust.
  • Work locally, to bring together people who are living very locally (i.e. in the same street, estate or neighbourhood).
  • Work sustainably so that natural relationships grow, and will last beyond the period of funding.
  • Work to improve the community to make it a better place to live
  • Involve diverse people in planning and implementation: the project partners must come from more than one faith group and/or ethnicity.

The Fund is keen to receive applications from the East of England, in particular (but not only) from Boston, Cambridge, Harlow, Peterborough, South Holland and Wisbech.

If you have a project, or a good idea for one that would meet the objectives and criteria, firstly contact your CUF Link Officer as listed below. S/he will be able to tell you more, and note your interest. Also, if possible, let your local Anglican Vicar have a short outline of the project, as s/he may be able to help you with contacts in due course (the Link Officer will have their details, if you don’t already) and CUF may ask them to comment on your proposals. Then apply on-line by visiting and following the instructions. CUF aims to make decisions on applications within 14 days.

Please note that the deadline for applications is 29 February 2017.

For general enquiries, please contact