At Inspire2Enterprise, we’re dedicated to providing support for social enterprises, whether they be in the embryonic startup phase or considerably well established. With a marketplace that is as challenging as it is rewarding, our team can help businesses with a social purpose realise their goals and become recognised for the good they do within their chosen field.

We love hearing from our clients following a period of consultation, and Denis Byrne of Sussex Prisoners’ Families recently got in touch to tell us what he thought of the Inspire2Enterprise service.

Sussex Prisoners’ Families supports local families to cope practically and emotionally during the imprisonment of someone close to them. A fabulous community interest company, Sussex Prisoners’ Families offers invaluable advice and training for those affected, while raising awareness of this incredibly important and often forgotten element of society.

Since calling on the services of Inspire2Enterprise, Denis has been delighted with the results.

“We are most grateful to Inspire2Enterprise for all the support provided,” said Denis. “As a start up transitioning towards growth, the services and advice offered is invaluable and has helped us develop a more robust governance infrastructure but also alleviated our anxiety so we can focus on development and sleep easier. Your expertise, so freely and so enthusiastically given, is most appreciated.”

We’d like to wish Sussex Prisoners’ Families the very best success, and look forward to offering the on-going support and advice they require, whenever the need arises.

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