What happens when you call Inspire2Enterprise?

Thirty percent of the enquiries we receive at Inspire2Enterprise come from people who haven’t started up yet. Despite this, you might be wondering what happens if you decide to call us.

Welcome to a day in the life of Information Adviser, James Elliott, who you might just end up speaking to first…

“Hi, I’m James, an Enterprise Information Adviser for Inspire2Enterprise.

“I’m usually the first point of contact for enquiries made to Inspire2Enterprise either by telephone (0844 9800 760) or email.

“The initial part of my role is to take some contact information from our clients and then find out how we can help.

“I really enjoy hearing people’s stories and backgrounds; it makes my day incredibly varied. I speak to people who say they have never run a business before, as well as others who have been doing so for many years. Some people are interested to simply find out more about what we do.

“By finding out as much information as possible about a client’s situation, it helps me  provide as much information as I can, and to make sure that all areas of a query are addressed.

“It may be that I’m able to help clients directly by providing them with generic information in the form of written factsheets, or it may be that I’m able to resolve initial queries over the phone.

“During the call, I try to diagnose the issues that clients are facing, and to find the most effective solution. Some of the issues within social enterprises can be incredibly broad, and it’s often the case that one call just isn’t enough. In these situations I schedule follow up calls with clients so that we can take things one step at a time. It may be that we are supporting a client to complete a business plan, or considering its legal structure, and tasks like these cannot be rushed. For me, it’s much better to be the tortoise who plans and get things right, than the hare who struggles later down the line.

“For any enquires that I am not able to answer initially, or for those that require a more in-depth response, I may refer the client to Inspire2Enterprise’s Specialist Social Enterprise Business Adviser.

“So, if you’re thinking of starting a business with a social purpose, or you’ve already started trading and just want some advice, get in touch, and I’ll do my best to help!”