Start a Social Enterprise

Are you thinking of starting a social enterprise?

To start a business where society profits, you’ll need to consider the following as part of your business plan:

  • the social issue you’ll be solving, or positive benefit that you’ll be contributing to the community;
  • your potential customer base;
  • the current market place and how you’ll reach potential customers;
  • operations, costs and financing; and
  • the ideal legal structure for the company.

Inspire2Enterprise can help you to formulate a business plan and advise on the sustainability of your ideas.

For help and advice on how to start a social enterprise, speak to one of our qualified advisers, or take a look at the help and advice contained on the pages in this section.

Business Planning

If you’re thinking of starting a social enterprise, you’ll need a business plan that becomes the embodiment of your idea. The plan will also need regular revision and to be adapted as your enterprise grows.

At Inspire2Enterprise, our team of experts will help you research, plan and structure your social enterprise business plan and ensure the most appropriate legal status is set for your organisation.


Company Legal Structure

The answer to the best legal structure for your social enterprise will depend on its strategy.

The Inspire2Enterprise team has a wealth of knowledge in Community Interest Companies (CICs), trusts, LLPs and charitable incorporated organisations, and we’ll help guide you down the perfect path.


Measuring Social Impact

A social enterprise is a business where society profits, and you’ll need to demonstrate the social value of your business if you’re to gain PR opportunities, grant funding applications and an impactful marketing campaign.

We’ll help you measure your Social Return on Investment (SROI), demystify the Social Accounting and Audit (SAA) and provide insight on other measurement techniques such as LM3 and Simple.


Year One Operations

Once your business plan is written, you’ll need to think about the social enterprise’s operating model.

This is the exciting bit – the bit where it starts to feel very real indeed, and our team of advisors will help you answer 17 crucial questions before beginning your journey.

South East Midlands Start-Up Project

Led by Wenta – who have partnered with University of Northampton and University of Bedfordshire to deliver this programme – this project focuses on social enterprises and start ups across the South East Midlands area.

The project provides advice and support for entrepreneurs and self-employment, with a focus on increasing the number of start-ups, including social enterprises. Support includes the provision of one-to-one advice, workshops, grants and incubation facilities.


What happens when you contact I2E?

Thirty percent of the enquiries our team receive come from inspiring social entrepreneurs who are yet to start their business.

There really is no time that’s ‘too early’ to get in touch with us – we’d love to hear what you’ve got planned, even if it’s nothing more than a sentence written on a Post It note.

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