Partner with a Social Enterprise

One of the easiest ways to partner with a social enterprise is to trade with them and benefit from working with a business where society profits.

There is a huge variety of products and services available from social enterprises and you can find many of them here.

Social enterprises have a vital role to play in public and private sector service delivery. But large and complex procurement processes and contracts mean that small organisations often struggle to compete on their own.

Inspire2Enterprise builds consortia to help organisations work together. In a consortium, organisations can collaborate to bid for, win and deliver contracts. They can also increase their access to funding and build capacity through peer support, shared resources, experience and expertise.

Other benefits of working in consortia include:

  • Combining resources to create a greater impact and enhance quality of service
  • Bringing partners together to create proposals which meet the needs of clients and/or commissioners
  • Bringing partners together to create a specific service or delivery model
  • Maximising skills and knowledge to create innovative and successful solutions
  • Disseminating best practice

If you have questions about partnering with a social enterprise, please contact us.

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