Finding funding

You can search for funding through which is specifically for third sector organisations looking for grants, loans and contracts. You can register for free if you are a small organisation.

Making grant applications will take up a lot of your time. If you are lucky enough to get a grant you may then have to report and account for every penny you spend to the funder. Funders tend to look for  organisations becoming sustainable and as such after 3-5 years the funder usually decides to move on and give someone else a chance.

Grant funding often tends to be linked to something like training, creating jobs, technical innovation or refurbishing a historic building and is also earmarked for either revenue or capital spending.

Sometimes you will be required to match or contribute towards the funding or be able to prove the concept via a pilot that is usually on a smaller scale.

If you have questions about funding your enterprise, or need further support, please contact us.