NFP Workshops – Affordable training courses for social enterprises

Who wins and loses when it comes to grant funding? How can you identify the weaknesses in your social enterprise project? When bidding for finance for your start-up, what questions are likely be to asked by those offering the funds?

Bid writing is one of the hardest things you’ll do as a social entrepreneur, but get it right, and your dream business will get off to the best start possible.

If you’ve never bid for finance before, or need a lift and injection of experience following a failed finance attempt, NFP Workshops’ training sessions could be the perfect tonic. Available in both basic and advanced form, there’s something for everyone, no matter the stage of business planning or industry within which you intend to operate.

With sessions available in locations across the UK, including Brighton, London, Reading and Manchester, NFP are never far from your doorstep.

Attendance costs just £95 per delegate and sessions run from 20th February to 23rd June. To find out more and book your place, click here.